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Labor Unions and Co-ops, part 4

The New* Worker Co-operatives
Worker owned businesses have always existed in the in the United States. They may be as small as a single proprietorship or as large as Google. Depending on the definition of worker ownership, organizations such as Google … Continue reading

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Labor and Co-ops: Beginnings

part 2 of a series
Early Unionist Movement and Co-operatives
The first inception of the labor movement in the United States looked little like today‚Äôs organizations. The National Labor Union and the Knights of Labor did not seek to engage in contractual … Continue reading

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Labor Unions and Worker Co-ops: Today and Yesterday

Note: the post in this series resulted from work towards a larger research project that has since been abandoned. I will be turning two of those chapters into posts that will run on Tuesdays for the next several weeks under … Continue reading

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Capital Homecare Cooperative

I’ve been working with a group of caregivers and community members in Olympia for almost four years now. Through a number of starts and stops, they have been working towards creating a home care cooperative in Olympia, Washington.
The co-op incorporated … Continue reading

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The People’s Ride: A Co-op Response to Uber

I haven’t been a fan of the “sharing economy” primairlity because it really isn’t about sharing, it is about extraction. Uber, Lyft, AirBnB, TaskRabbit aren’t sharing anything, they are providing a technological interface for people to do menial jobs and … Continue reading

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Can Worker Coops Engage True Rehabilitation?

Last May, I had the opportunity to attend the Canadian Association for Study in Cooperatives. It was held at Brock University as part of the annual Congress of Social Studies and Humanities Research Council. There were, as usual, a number … Continue reading

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Block of Cheese–#AsktheWH

As legend has it, in 1837, President Andrew Jackson threw open the doors of the White House to invite the people to come sample a 1,400 pound block of cheese. Presumably, they also petitioned the government while they were noshing. … Continue reading

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Governance of Worker and Producer Cooperatives

Earlier this month, I had the honor of representing US worker cooperatives on a panel about governance at the International Cooperative Governance Symposium held at the Sobey School of Busines, St. Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Bob Cannell of … Continue reading

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Progressives Should Embrace Co-operatives

I was asked to speak to the Wisconsin Wave last Saturday. I missed my first chance, because I thought that I was supposed to speak at the part of the rally in front of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce building (a … Continue reading

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Creating a Roadmap to 2040

In high school, one of my teacher, John Gray, would joke about giving a pop quiz in which the students had 5 minutes to write down everything that they knew. The joke was that given the enormity of that task, … Continue reading

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