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Block of Cheese–#AsktheWH

As legend has it, in 1837, President Andrew Jackson threw open the doors of the White House to invite the people to come sample a 1,400 pound block of cheese. Presumably, they also petitioned the government while they were noshing. … Continue reading

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Putting Your Money Where It Helps: Become a US Worker Coop Sustainer

There is an old saw that “money is like manure, it only works if you spread it around!” Too often money gets conflated with “profit” and the idea of raising capital seems a bit wrong. As a result, worker movements … Continue reading

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Managing Old Industries: A lesson for aging coops

Last week, Mondragon’s General Consul announced that it had decided to cease its efforts to stabilize the FAGOR Cooperative Group. FAGOR electronics makes kitchen appliances: stoves, ovens, refrigerators, and even pressure cookers. It is the original Mondragon cooperative that began … Continue reading

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How Exceptional is “America”?

The discussion over the last two weeks centered on the challenges of growing a worker cooperative movement in Anglo-Saxon dominated cultures. I split a bit further by focusing on the specific problems in the United States that further hinder the … Continue reading

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Democracy at Work Network

I was recently reelected to DAWN’s Board of Governors and the Training and Certification Committee. I am also a founding member of the organization. The following opinion (pitch, if you will) is all mine, however, and should not be seen … Continue reading

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Would You Hire You?

“To have faith in solidarity means to believe in others as much as we believe in ourselves and to measure others’ actions with the same yardstick we use to measure our own.” (Arizmendiaretta, p. 126, 305)
The other day, I was … Continue reading

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A Quick Review of “Solidarity”

Recently, a post from last fall on the Theft of Labor, brought this comment:
“If the intern or the college athlete feels like they are getting an outstanding deal, is it your job to convince them otherwise?”
My spam filter held it … Continue reading

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Local Schmochal! Shop Co-op.

It is “cyber Monday” which follows “black Friday” for those of us in the US (and I imagine Canada to some extent. In any event, the Holiday shopping season has opened. Since I don’t have anything heavy to write about … Continue reading

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Worker Co-ops and Workers, Unity vs. Cliques

How do we, as a movement, create a different organizational structure that creates synergy out of our differences? More importantly, how do we create a culture that overturns the worst lessons learned in the dominant paradigm?
To me, the Human Relations … Continue reading

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CICOPA: General Characteristics of a Worker Co-operative

If you are a member of a worker co-operative, as defined in the World Declaration on Worker Co-operatives, then CICOPA considers you a “proponent of one of the most advanced, fair and dignifying modalities of labour relations, generation and distribution … Continue reading

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