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How Do We Change the Police?

The above image comes from NPR’s Codeswitch and a show entitled “A Decade of Watching Black People Die“. A similar report from The Guardian based on 2016 numbers also notes that people of color are generally significantly more likely to … Continue reading

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Sociocracy: The Worker Co-op Operating System

Over the last couple of years, I have had the incredible opportunity to work with Sociocracy For All (SoFA). This organization has worked diligently to bring the concepts of sociocracy out of the “best kept secret” category and into the … Continue reading

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Raíces Cooperative Farm

Cooperation comes in many forms. Grocery co-ops and large ag co-ops tend to dominate the top-of-mind awareness for many, and have a tendency to look similar; however, once one starts seeking out co-ops in the community, one can’t help but … Continue reading

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Co-ops in the Miracle Mile

One of the more interesting projects that I have had the pleasure of working on over the last couple years is in southern Idaho. The town of Buhl is about 50 miles from the Nevada border along the Snake River. … Continue reading

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Blue Scorcher: Bread and Circles

The Blue Scorcher Bakery and Café in Astoria, Oregon is a very unique worker co-op. This worker co-op started out as The Bread Collective, a small group of bread bakers. As the collective grew in reputation, production, and staff, a … Continue reading

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