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Circling Around to the Beginning?

In my studies over the last two years, I have learned a lot about American politics and the attitude towards labor in these United States. It is a very interesting dynamic and one that helps to make Foucault’s concept of … Continue reading

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Roadblocks on the Path to Mondragon: The Theft of Labor

The three English countries (UK, Canada, and the United States) have, at their core, a culture that promotes and accommodates the theft of labor in a way that simply didn’t exist in Euskera (The Basque Country). Really, it is a … Continue reading

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Mondragon in America?

Can Mondragon Really Happen Here?
The Great Recession has brought renewed interest in worker cooperatives in the United States. It has also generated a lot of interest in Mondragon as an example of how to move worker coops beyond small shops … Continue reading

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Happy 30th Anniversary, Union Cab!!

Right about the time of this post, in 1979, the first Union Cab passenger (the wife of one of our drivers, Mike Gibson who would later serve as Operations Manager) marked the first fare of Union Cab.
We still have a … Continue reading

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#1 Identity Statement vs. “Rochdale Principles”

“if the International Movement is to meet its potential, it will only be done if co-operaters, each and every one of us, continually strive to make our co-operatives more effective.”–Dr. Ian MacPherson Continue reading

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