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The Government Will Not Save Us

Regardless of the outcome of the Iowa Caucus tonight, our salvation as a community (however you define it) and as a species will not come from politicians. It will will only come from our collective efforts to build a better … Continue reading

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Labor Unions and Co-ops, part 3

A Labor Movement for the New Guilded Age When Ronald Reagan stood before the Brandenburg Gate on June 12, 1987, he not only invoked the rising supremacy of the United States by demanding “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”, he … Continue reading

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Take Wisconsin Back? Create Real Jobs

This morning, while listening to the news, I heard a report in which Paul Ryan, the conservative US Representative from Janesville, urged his fellow Republicans to work hard and “take back” Wisconsin in the Gubernatorial and Senate recall elections on … Continue reading

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We Need New Laws

Over the weekend, I wrote my Assembly Representative, Mark Pocan. The last time that the Democrats held the majority, Rep. Pocan co-chaired the powerful Joint Committee on Finance. Of course, today, his party is in the minority of a very … Continue reading

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Progressives Should Embrace Co-operatives

I was asked to speak to the Wisconsin Wave last Saturday. I missed my first chance, because I thought that I was supposed to speak at the part of the rally in front of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce building (a … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Co-operators Need to Vote on April 5th

Tomorrow, people who live in Dane County and believe in co-operatives have 3 great reasons to vote tomorrow. The first is JoAnne Kluppenburg who is running for Supreme Court–she will provide a better balance on the court by being an … Continue reading

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Madison Mayoral Candidates Discussing Worker Cooperatives: Let’s Turn Talk Into Action

It appears that worker cooperatives may become an issue in this spring’s mayoral election in Madison, Wisconsin. Incumbent David Cieslewicz is blogging about a community-wide effort to facilitate the forming of worker cooperatives. Challenger and two-time former mayor Paul Soglin … Continue reading

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#7 Democracy

By nature of writing on worker co-operatives, I have touched on the subject of democracy countless times. It is the foundation of co-operation. It is part of the definition, the values and the principles. If we could only use one … Continue reading

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