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Would You Hire You?

“To have faith in solidarity means to believe in others as much as we believe in ourselves and to measure others’ actions with the same yardstick we use to measure our own.” (Arizmendiaretta, p. 126, 305) The other day, I … Continue reading

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It Is Okay to Criticize Co-ops, We Know We Aren’t Perfect

In thumbing through Don José María Arizmendiaretta’s book of reflections (Pensamientos), I came across a neat quote regarding the value of criticism and acknowledging that co-operatives do not ensure perfection. “We do not apologize for shortcomings that may be pointed … Continue reading

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The Co-operative Index

One of the last workshops of the National Worker Co-operative Conference introduced the Co-operative Index to a United States audience. Before going into the details of this tool, it needs to have a bit of the history explained. In 2005, … Continue reading

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#5 Equality

“Cooperatives,” states the background paper on the Cooperative Identity, ” are based on equality. The basic unit of the Co-operative is the member, who is either a human being or a grouping of human beings. This basis in human personality … Continue reading

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Dispute Resolution

This seems to be the Year of Dispute Resolution in worker co-operatives. At least, I seem to be hearing that phrase a lot lately. Part of this might be the course in Human Relations that I took from the St. … Continue reading

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