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Worker Co-ops and the American Dream, part 6

The Union-Co-op as a Pathway to Restoring the American Dream As the effects of the Great Recession linger even ten years later, Americans seek new avenues to meet their needs and desires. The labor movement has largely been fighting a … Continue reading

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Worker Co-ops a Campaign Topic? Let’s Hope!

In Madison, odd years mark the municipal and county elections or non-partisan seats. These seats are called “non-partisan” because the candidates do not have ballot status based on party affiliation (every race, in my opinion, should be conducted this way). … Continue reading

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The Democracy at Work Conference

I took last week off due to a couple of things. The most important of which involved my wife and I becoming “Domestic Partners” in Dane County. Five years ago, we married ourselves in a handfasting ceremony at one of … Continue reading

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Comments About Union Cab’s Bonus Segment in Michael Moore’s Movie

In Michael Moore’s latest film, “Capitalism: A Love Story,” his basic point is that Capitalism is inherently evil. He cites various examples of antidotes to Capitalism, including worker cooperatives. Union Cab, where I’ve worked for 22 years, was one of … Continue reading

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CICOPA: The Basic Characteristics of a Worker Co-operative

There are six basic characteristics of worker co-operatives in the CICOPA World Declaration of Worker Co-operatives: Creating and maintaining sustainable jobs, improving the quality of life for their members, creating dignity in human work, democratic self-management, and promoting community and … Continue reading

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Capital? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Capital

Publisher’s Note: this is the second of hopefully several articles about the Cleveland Model Fred Schpartz. Fred publishes Mobius: A Journal of Social Change publisher is a member of Union Cab of Madison Co-operative and authored Vampire Cabbie. Labor, properly … Continue reading

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The Cleveland Model–Take One

Recently, The Nation sent out a broadcast with an article about the emerging worker cooperatives of Cleveland asking those of us in the bog-o-sphere to comment. As someone who has been an active member of a worker co-operative for over … Continue reading

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Coming Soon-A Group Discussion (I hope)

The March 1 edition of The Nation has an article on the growing industrial worker cooperative movement. I use the word “industrial” to differentiate it from the worker cooperative movement in the United States that has flourished over the last … Continue reading

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