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A Quick Review of “Solidarity”

Recently, a post from last fall on the Theft of Labor, brought this comment: “If the intern or the college athlete feels like they are getting an outstanding deal, is it your job to convince them otherwise?” My spam filter … Continue reading

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The Agency Dilemma in Worker Co-operatives

Last week at my other blog, Breathing Lessons, I discussed the Rochdale cul-de-sac as it applies to consumer cooperatives. This week, as part of this discussion over the future of US worker cooperatives, if not the labor movement in the … Continue reading

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Roadblocks on the Path to Mondragon: The Theft of Labor

The three English countries (UK, Canada, and the United States) have, at their core, a culture that promotes and accommodates the theft of labor in a way that simply didn’t exist in Euskera (The Basque Country). Really, it is a … Continue reading

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Mondragon in America?

Can Mondragon Really Happen Here? The Great Recession has brought renewed interest in worker cooperatives in the United States. It has also generated a lot of interest in Mondragon as an example of how to move worker coops beyond small … Continue reading

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More on Food Coops

One of the major critics of Co-operative grocery stores on The Daily Page in Madison goes by the name of “Dogmeat”. Here is his decision-making process for grocery shopping (he had been accused of being a plant for Whole Foods): … Continue reading

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