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The Co-operative Index

One of the last workshops of the National Worker Co-operative Conference introduced the Co-operative Index to a United States audience. Before going into the details of this tool, it needs to have a bit of the history explained. In 2005, … Continue reading

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Marketing the Coop Advantage in a Worker Coop

For many years now, we have been taking about doing this. However, in general this refers to focusing on the first three principles of the Cooperative Identity often referred to in the United States as “The User Principles.” This works … Continue reading

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EdVisions Schools–Workplace and Educational Democracy

One of the great treats at a national worker coop conference is to learn about the incredible stories that exist. It is easy, sitting in our cooperatives at home, to imagine a world where we are the greatest thing since … Continue reading

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Compassion in Worker Cooperatives

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I wandered into the meeting room. The description discussed the important role of compassion in dealing with conflicts as opposed to the more common acts of assigning blame. It was led by … Continue reading

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The Youth Movement in Worker Coops: Toxic Soil Busters

So what do you do when you find your neighborhood is full of lead from a by-gone era? Teens in Massachusetts decided to get busy and make some money on the side. The Toxic Soil Busters are a youth cooperative. … Continue reading

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Deep Thoughts on Coops

“Cooperation summons people to a collective project, but leaves each person with his or her own responsibility. Cooperation is the development of the individual, not against others, but with others. The objective is the human person, not the monstrous development … Continue reading

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The Democracy at Work Conference

I took last week off due to a couple of things. The most important of which involved my wife and I becoming “Domestic Partners” in Dane County. Five years ago, we married ourselves in a handfasting ceremony at one of … Continue reading

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