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Values Go Before the Fall

A shudder may have run through the taxicab industry today at Yellow Cab of San Francisco in the SF Examiner announced plans to file for bankruptcy.
The news was especially scary since General Motors just invested heavily in Lyft while Ford is in … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Creates the Partial Public Employee

In a narrow ruling, the Supreme Court ruled  (5-4) that requiring “partial public employees” did not have to pay union dues. This case revolved around home care workers who clients pay them through Medicaid or Medical Assistance. This case had … Continue reading

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How Do We Measure Coops?

Last week I attended the Tools to Measure Performance and Impact at St. Mary’s University in Halifax. The conference was part of a several year research CURA known as the Measuring the Cooperative Difference. Part of my role with … Continue reading

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Conference Season Starts

This is a just a heads up to those who still check-in here occasionally that that it will pick up a bit over the next couple of weeks. I will be attending not one, not two but three cooperative conferences … Continue reading

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Education’s Role

I recently celebrated (well, maybe “experienced” is a better word) my twenty-fifth anniversary at my cooperative. In 1988, I was looking for a way to make money until I hit grad school. I was seriously tired of bar tending (it … Continue reading

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Ian MacPherson ¡Presenté!

This morning I, and the rest of the international cooperative community, received news that Ian MacPherson had passed on. The Canadian Association for the Studies in Cooperation (CASC) issued an appreciation of his life (see below).
I had the opportunity to … Continue reading

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Can Coops Bring a Renaissance in Detroit?

Over the weekend, I had the honor of being part of a panel discussing worker cooperatives with the Southeastern Michigan Jobs with Justice organization. About 35-40 people ventured out on a cold rainy day to ask questions and listen to … Continue reading

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Unions in America

In 2006, Gary Chaison published a book discussing the modern state of labor unions entitled Unions in America. It available from SAGE Publications. Prof. Chaison teaches industrial relations at the Graduate School of Management at Clark University in Worcester, MA.
At … Continue reading

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Back to Regular Posts

Hello, for those of you that still periodically check out this page.
This is small note to mention that new, regular posts will begin on Monday, September 16, 2013.
I know that I have made this promise before. It is different this … Continue reading

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Bosses Day? Blech.

A reader just noted that today is Boss’s Day. I posted about it on this site a couple of years ago ( It is still repugnant, but I am happy to report that my coop has since gotten rid of … Continue reading

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