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Roadblocks on the Path to Mondragon: The Theft of Labor

The three English countries (UK, Canada, and the United States) have, at their core, a culture that promotes and accommodates the theft of labor in a way that simply didn’t exist in Euskera (The Basque Country). Really, it is a … Continue reading

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Comments About Union Cab’s Bonus Segment in Michael Moore’s Movie

In Michael Moore’s latest film, “Capitalism: A Love Story,” his basic point is that Capitalism is inherently evil. He cites various examples of antidotes to Capitalism, including worker cooperatives. Union Cab, where I’ve worked for 22 years, was one of … Continue reading

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Another View of the Undercover Boss

The really great people at Labor Notes also noticed this show. Definitely read their take on it.
The Labor Notes essay reminded me of one of the real problems of the show (and the co-operative difference).
The narrative follows a fairly old … Continue reading

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Undercover Boss–A lesson in the Co-operative Difference

After the Superbowl, CBS presented its new non-scripted show, Undercover Boss. The premise is timely. CEO’s of major corporations lose the suits and go to work on the front-line without revealing their true identity. Can these bosses work under the … Continue reading

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The Night I Was A Movie Star—Almost

Okay, I admit it. By the beginning of last summer, I was starting to suffer from delusions of grandeur regarding my role in Michael Moore’s new film. The image of me, sitting behind the wheel of my taxicab, would be … Continue reading

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The Worker’s Cooperative That Should’ve Been In Michael Moore’s Movie

A disclaimer: Last April, Michael Moore’s film crew spent a couple of days in Madison, Wisconsin, shooting footage and conducting interviews at two local cooperatives, Isthmus Engineering and Union Cab, where I work. I was the night driver who got … Continue reading

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Cooperation and Human Nature

The New York Times published an article on childhood behavioral studies, among related research, that reveals a more positive and nuanced view of our biological heritage than the Social Darwinist promoted. However the article leaves a lot to be … Continue reading

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Happy 30th Anniversary, Union Cab!!

Right about the time of this post, in 1979, the first Union Cab passenger (the wife of one of our drivers, Mike Gibson who would later serve as Operations Manager) marked the first fare of Union Cab.
We still have a … Continue reading

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Capitalism: An Update

In Michael Moore’s latest blog entry, he lists 15 things that we need to start doing now to change the world and take our economy back.
I read with baited breath. Would he actually mention co-ops?
After a litany of things to … Continue reading

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Bosses’ Day

When I was young, I would occasionally recognize the ads for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and even Grandparents’ Day. I would ask my mom when “Kids’ Day” was. She would always reply (without hesitation), “Kids’ Day is everyday.”
I thought of … Continue reading

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