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Be the Change You Want to See

Bob Cannell presented some challenging ideas about the nature worker cooperation in the English-speaking world last week. He noted the disparity in the rise of worker owned and controlled businesses in Spain, Italy, France, Brazil, Argentina and a number of … Continue reading

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Sensemaking in Worker Cooperatives

For my theory class, I am currently reading a classic article on sensemaking in organizations: “The Collapse of Sensemaing in Organizations: The Mann Gulch Disaster” by Karl Wieck
The article reviews Norman McLean’s “Young Men and Fire” and theorizes about … Continue reading

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All Work Has Value

On Martin Luther King, jr. Day, one the administrators of Union Cab’s facebook page posted this quote:

“You are demanding that this city will respect the dignity of labor. So often we overlook the work and the significance of those who … Continue reading

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The Open Door Policy of Worker Co-operatives

The 6th Principle of Co-operatives is called, somewhat reflexively, “Co-operation Among Co-operatives.” I have talked about this in a previous post. Today, I want to focus on it from a different perspective provided to us by the spiritual guide of … Continue reading

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Worker Co-ops Have a Moral Purpose

“There can never be great works without people giving generously and without them sacrificing their selfish appetites” ( Reflections, 134)
When times are good, it is easy to co-operate. When times are bad, co-operatives offer economic lifeboats. Unfortunately, not everyone in … Continue reading

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It Is Okay to Criticize Co-ops, We Know We Aren’t Perfect

In thumbing through Don José María Arizmendiaretta’s book of reflections (Pensamientos), I came across a neat quote regarding the value of criticism and acknowledging that co-operatives do not ensure perfection.
“We do not apologize for shortcomings that may be pointed out … Continue reading

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Pensiamentos on Co-operative Democracy

“Our beloved democracy may degenerate into a dictatorship through the abuse of power of those at the top as well as through the renunciation of power of those at the bottom.” (2.4.099)–Don José María Arizmendiaretta in Reflections
He had already watched … Continue reading

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The Dignity of the Person

Co-operatives are made up of people, not shareholders. I don’t even like the term “stake holders”, but use it to describe the various groups that have an interest in the success of the co-operative. However, the core unit of society … Continue reading

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Reflections of Pensimientos

Back at University, my James Joyce professor (an unrepentant Modernist),  argued that the first page of a novel was the most important. If people didn’t read that page and enthusiastically turn the page, then the novel was lost. I’m not … Continue reading

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