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Worker co-ops are not the solution, but a vehicle (and a sturdy one at that).

“We do not aspire to economic development as an end  but as a means.”-– Don José María Arizmendiarietta (029)*
In early December, I attended a workshop in Post Falls, Idaho for Reimagining the Rural West. This initiative of the Western Governors … Continue reading

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The Worker Co-op Movement in 2040: Revisited

Ten years ago, when I was blogging much more regularly, I wrote a series on envisioning the worker co-op movement in 2040. You can read them here. As the Co-op Decade comes to a conclusion over the next couple of … Continue reading

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Beginning a Thousand Mile Journey

Let’s forget about tomorrow. Not because, as the song goes, it never comes, but because the election that happens tomorrow will have little effect on the worker co-ops of 2040 (or even 2011 for that matter).
We need to think about … Continue reading

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Does Your Community Plan for Coops?

What will the worker co-operative movement look like in 2040?
It will look like whatever we make it look like. We need to start thinking today about the world in 30 years.
I am not sure how useful it is to talk … Continue reading

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Creating a Roadmap to 2040

In high school, one of my teacher, John Gray, would joke about giving a pop quiz in which the students had 5 minutes to write down everything that they knew. The joke was that given the enormity of that task, … Continue reading

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US Worker Co-ops in 2040?

What should our movement look like in 30 years?
30 years ago, the modern US worker co-operative movement was in its infancy. The Anti-War, Second Wave Feminist and Civil Rights movements were starting to move their way into mainstream society by … Continue reading

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