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Producer Co-operatives and Workers

In his work over the last decade, Professor Daniel Côté has developed a new principle of management for non-worker co-operatives. The core of this work focuses on loyalty of the stakeholders. In his argument, Côté argues that all stakeholders of … Continue reading

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The Co-operative Management Model

José Luis LaFuente discussed the management model being developed by Mondragon. He began by placing the model in perspective with the overall philosophy of Mondragon. It begins with the Inspirational Philosophy (the principles, the culture, and the values of Mondragon). … Continue reading

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Management Training in a Worker Cooperative

The day began early as we jumped on the bus to head off to Mondragon’s Otalora Management Training Institute for a full day of discussion about the methodology of training Mondragon’s managers, how Mondragon uses its system to help and … Continue reading

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Mondragon and Globalization, Basque Country and Ghosts

Today’s schedule: Group Discussion in the Morning. We then left Hotel Sandika and the mountains to have lunch and discussion with Anjel Herrassti in Donostia. We returned to Mondragon and checked in at the Mondragon Hotel.
The first part of the … Continue reading

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Worker Cooperative Incubation–the Basque Way

Today, we listened to folks from Elkar-Lan S. Coop. This is a secondary cooperative made up of two cooperative federations and an cooperative advisory board to the Basque government. Their primary mission is to help worker cooperatives come to fruition. … Continue reading

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Sometimes It Doesn’t Always Work

During 2006, The US Worker Cooperative movement suffered a couple of losses! Interestingly, both were subjects of a 2003 documentary on US Worker Co-ops called “Beyond the Bottom Line: American Worker Cooperatives” by Headlamp Pictures. It is always disappointing to … Continue reading

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