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Co-ops Need to be Part of the 2012 Election Cycle

This morning I received an email from a friend about running for the county board. My response was supportive, with a caveat. Talk about how the County can promote cooperatives as a means of rebuilding a sustainable economy.
As the 2012 … Continue reading

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North American Worker Coop Conference This Week

If you happen to be near Quebec City this week, two exciting conferences will be taking place. The first is about business succession planning with an emphasis of selling businesses to one’s employees. The second in the first ever conference … Continue reading

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The Power of the Mission

Recently, I was presenting a session on expansion and I discussed the role of mission statements. The main idea is that a first step at planning significant change in our co-ops should begin with an examination of our mission statements. … Continue reading

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The Three Dimensional Business Integration

The people who work in our businesses are not two dimensional, why should the structure be?
If you have studied business, or even US history, you have likely heard the term “vertical integration”. This concept was developed by US Steel as … Continue reading

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American Worker Cooperatives

For those of you who check the links on the right hand side, you will notice a new entry: American Worker Cooperatives. I was asked to add it and am happy to do so. According to the “About” page by … Continue reading

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The Co-operative Index

One of the last workshops of the National Worker Co-operative Conference introduced the Co-operative Index to a United States audience. Before going into the details of this tool, it needs to have a bit of the history explained.
In 2005, Johnston … Continue reading

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EdVisions Schools–Workplace and Educational Democracy

One of the great treats at a national worker coop conference is to learn about the incredible stories that exist. It is easy, sitting in our cooperatives at home, to imagine a world where we are the greatest thing since … Continue reading

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Worker Co-ops and Workers or All in the Family

This might take several posts to really work through the issues, but the nature of worker coops conjures up visions of a workers’ paradise (and the source of the name for this blog); however, too often conflict rises and worker … Continue reading

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What’s Next?

After last week, I walked around feeling a bit like the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz:

Well, even if his version of the pythagorean theorem isn’t quite the same as the one in our universe, it still kinda sums things … Continue reading

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#22 Education, Training and Information

“It is said that co-operation is an economic movement that utilizes educational activities, but it can also be said that co-operation is an educational movement that utilizes economic activities.“–Don José María Arizmendiarreta
A fun exercise, well maybe interesting more than “fun”, … Continue reading

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