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The Farmer’s Union, Cooperation, and the Environment

Over the weekend, I had a really wonderful opportunity. I was asked to moderate a panel for the Wisconsin Farmer’s Union 82nd Annual Conference entitled, “Cooperatives – Empowering the Rural Economy… Again.” I also spoke to the Youth Conference presenting … Continue reading

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The Next Four Years

Last year, the cooperative movement gained a lot of press during the International Year of the Cooperative. The year is over, the conference notes are filed away and today, we witness the beginning of the second and last term of … Continue reading

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What is Progress? and How Do We Measure It?

Imagine 2012 continued Ron Colemen, the Director and Founder of the Nova Scotia based GPI Atlantic (a non-profit research institute measuring wellness and developer of the Genuine Progress Index) spoke on the nature of progress and how the means of … Continue reading

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Imagine 2012 and Beyond

In October, economists and cooperative thinkers from around the world met in Quebec to bridge the gap between the disciplines. The conference, Imagine2012, International Conference on Cooperative Economics featured a number of presenters such as Neva Goodwin, Thomas Homer-Dixon, Stefano … Continue reading

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A new year, and a new start

It has been a difficult couple of years for this blog. This has been the result of two issues. First, I entered a PhD program that has drawn most of my energy (specifically in terms of writing). Second, my life … Continue reading

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