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Paul Soglin for Mayor of Madison

I don’t come by this decision lightly. Madison is fortunate to have two incredibly able people running for the office of Mayor. Paul Soglin has served as Mayor for 14 years in two separate stints. Dave Cieslewicz is the incumbent … Continue reading

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No Business As Usual–Allen Ruff on the Battle of Wisconsin

The following speech was delivered by Allen Ruff on the steps of the Capitol Building in Madison WI, on March 26, 2011 at the Co-operatives for Labor Rally. In addition to being a student of mass movements, he writes at … Continue reading

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Battle of Wisconsin

There hasn’t been a lot of mainstream news out of Madison lately which might lead some to think that this battle is over–far from it. On Saturday, Union Cab led a rally calling on Co-operatives in the region to stand … Continue reading

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What Role for Governments in our Economy?

An interesting debate is happening here in Madison. What role should government play in helping to build the co-operative movement? In the backdrop of the corporatist take0ver of Wisconsin, many might be rather skeptical of the government. Certainly, trusting the … Continue reading

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Why Public Workers Need Labor Unions

Yesterday, on Facebook, one of my reactionary friends argued the tired argument that public sector workers shouldn’t be unionized because they are essentially organizing against the public, the tax-payer. This argument has been thrown around a lot lately (even citing … Continue reading

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A Wisconsin General Strike?

The following is a report of sorts on the energy that I am seeing towards a General Strike. However, I need to say, that the most important thing that Wisconsin can do will be to elect JoAnne Kloppenburg to the … Continue reading

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Sun Setting on Democracy in Wisconsin

Today is a truly horrible day in Wisconsin. Without proper, legal notice, the Republican members of the Assembly and Senate convened a special committee to separate the union-busting aspects of the Budget Repair Bill into its own bill. This “nuclear … Continue reading

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Creating a New Economy

Yesterday, I talked about the potential reality that the Budget Despair Bill and the Corporatist Agenda (the 2011-13 Budget) will become a reality. We need to think about how to deal with this. Steve Herrick, from the Interpretor’s Co-operative offered … Continue reading

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Keeping the Discussion Going

The last three weeks have seen a revolution brewing. As the corporatists, who have seized control of the Republican Party, attempted to launch their most audacious attempt at Disaster Capitalism, the Shock Doctrine, the people didn’t flinch. They didn’t get … Continue reading

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Normalizing Control

After police, Union reps and Democrats convinced the 50 or so people remaining in the Capitol to end their occupation last night, the most highly visible and sustained direct action against the Walker/Fitzgerald/Koch regime came to an end.  As it turned out, those … Continue reading

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