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Contradictions in Paradise: When the Workers Become Bosses

I have written extensively about Mondragon on these pages with almost all of it in a favorable light. There is, however, another side of Mondragon. As a matter of survival, Mondragon’s co-operatives have ventured abroad to place factories outside of … Continue reading

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A Quick Review of “Solidarity”

Recently, a post from last fall on the Theft of Labor, brought this comment: “If the intern or the college athlete feels like they are getting an outstanding deal, is it your job to convince them otherwise?” My spam filter … Continue reading

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Worker Co-ops a Campaign Topic? Let’s Hope!

In Madison, odd years mark the municipal and county elections or non-partisan seats. These seats are called “non-partisan” because the candidates do not have ballot status based on party affiliation (every race, in my opinion, should be conducted this way). … Continue reading

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2011 Can Also Be Year of the Coops

Next year, 2012, will be the official United Nations declared “Year of the Co-operative”. I think, “why wait?”. We should make this and every year the year of the co-op. We should strive to not only build our co-operatives, but … Continue reading

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