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Local Schmochal! Shop Co-op.

It is “cyber Monday” which follows “black Friday” for those of us in the US (and I imagine Canada to some extent. In any event, the Holiday shopping season has opened. Since I don’t have anything heavy to write about … Continue reading

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Business or Democracy? Why Is That Even a Question?

“To be successful, co-ops must lead with a competitive, quality product, not their cooperative values.” “The is no mission, if there isn’t a margin.” Sound familiar? I’ve heard both in the last couple of days. The latter was part of … Continue reading

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The US Labor Culture: Does It Exist?

I had an interesting conversation this weekend with a long-time activist in labor and social justice circles. During our talk, we discussed how Mondragon works,  the sense of solidarity within their ranks and the difficulty of creating that solidarity in … Continue reading

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The Three Dimensional Business Integration

The people who work in our businesses are not two dimensional, why should the structure be? If you have studied business, or even US history, you have likely heard the term “vertical integration”. This concept was developed by US Steel … Continue reading

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Beginning a Thousand Mile Journey

Let’s forget about tomorrow. Not because, as the song goes, it never comes, but because the election that happens tomorrow will have little effect on the worker co-ops of 2040 (or even 2011 for that matter). We need to think … Continue reading

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