American Worker Cooperatives

For those of you who check the links on the right hand side, you will notice a new entry: American Worker Cooperatives. I was asked to add it and am happy to do so. According to the “About” page by Arizmendi veteran Joe Marraffino,

“This website is a weblog that anyone can comment on.

The goal of the site is to assemble a contemporary history of the worker cooperative movement in the United States, first by accumulating an inventory of people, organizations, writings, media, and eventually through some sort of synthesis.   When I first became interested in the movement I would have loved it if there was a site that drew from all the disparate participants to show its scope and context.  So that’s what I’m trying to put together.

Thanks for visiting, and please feel free to add your comments.”

It is a very great collection already and will certainly be a resource for all of us.

About John McNamara

John spent 26 years with Union Cab of Madison Cooperative and currently helps develop co-ops in the Pacific Northwest. He holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration and Masters in Management: Co-operatives and Credit Unions from Saint Mary's University.
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  1. Joe says:

    Hey thanks, John! The site is a mere library of sorts, compared to the the thoughtful writings you offer here, but a library with an excellent section on worker cooperatives which is hard to come by.

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