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Please Help Food For Thought Book Collective

The following letter was sent out today. Please help however you can. In this month of co-operative solidarity, we need to show it with more than a Facebook wall post. Please send whatever amount that you can. John Dear friends, … Continue reading

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Does Your Community Plan for Coops?

What will the worker co-operative movement look like in 2040? It will look like whatever we make it look like. We need to start thinking today about the world in 30 years. I am not sure how useful it is … Continue reading

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Creating a Roadmap to 2040

In high school, one of my teacher, John Gray, would joke about giving a pop quiz in which the students had 5 minutes to write down everything that they knew. The joke was that given the enormity of that task, … Continue reading

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American Worker Cooperatives

For those of you who check the links on the right hand side, you will notice a new entry: American Worker Cooperatives. I was asked to add it and am happy to do so. According to the “About” page by … Continue reading

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US Worker Co-ops in 2040?

What should our movement look like in 30 years? 30 years ago, the modern US worker co-operative movement was in its infancy. The Anti-War, Second Wave Feminist and Civil Rights movements were starting to move their way into mainstream society … Continue reading

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