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What’s Next?

After last week, I walked around feeling a bit like the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz: Well, even if his version of the pythagorean theorem isn’t quite the same as the one in our universe, it still kinda sums … Continue reading

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A Tool in the Wrong Hands

I’ve written about the concept of the New Mutualism. This idea was proposed by the Cooperative Party UK in the 1970’s as an alternative to nationalizing industries or privatizing essential services. After Thatcher, it popped up again. There is an … Continue reading

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A new link. . . Bob Cannell

The author of his own blog on co-operative issues, Bob Cannell is the Cooperative UK representative to CECOP, the European Federation of Worker Cooperatives. Please consider adding his blog to your subscription list. I want to thank him for introducing … Continue reading

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MMCCU Deadline Nears

I will post more this week, but for today I want people to be aware that there are only two weeks left to apply to St. Mary’s University’s Masters of Management: Co-operatives and Credit Unions program for the coming cohort. … Continue reading

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The Guiding Light

Over the last several months, I have used this space to discuss the two core documents for worker co-operatives: The Statement on the Co-operative Identity and the CICOPA Declaration on Worker Co-operatives. Worker co-operative practitioners need to read these documents. … Continue reading

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Site News: Translation Available with a Click

Just a quick not to highlight a new feature on this site. I have added a widget to the upper right corner that will allow the reader to instantly translate the site into a different language. It uses the google … Continue reading

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CICOPA: Relations with Workers’ Organizations

The final section of the World Declaration on Worker Co-operatives deals with the co-operative movement’s relations with the international labor movement. CICOPA calls upon the co-operative movement in general and worker co-operatives in particular to engage in dialogue. The statement … Continue reading

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The Brits love co-ops

From the Guardian, a thorough report on the rise of interest in cooperative solutions from all the major political parties: “WHY CO-OPERATIVES ARE COOL AGAIN” All the main parties want workers to co-own and run public services as social enterprises, … Continue reading

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Happy May Day! The International Workers’ Day!

I greet you all–those who support the workers of the world. Today is our day to celebrate our achievements, remember our fallen brothers and sisters in the fight for justice, equality and recognition that world runs through the efforts of … Continue reading

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