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Capital? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Capital

Publisher’s Note: this is the second of hopefully several articles about the Cleveland Model Fred Schpartz. Fred publishes Mobius: A Journal of Social Change publisher is a member of Union Cab of Madison Co-operative and authored Vampire Cabbie. Labor, properly … Continue reading

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#24 Concern for Community

Concern for Community is the last of the principles listed in the Identity Statement. It is the expression of the value of solidarity and social responsibility. It creates one of the multiple bottom lines for co-operatives. It is not enough … Continue reading

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The Cleveland Model–Take One

Recently, The Nation sent out a broadcast with an article about the emerging worker cooperatives of Cleveland asking those of us in the bog-o-sphere to comment. As someone who has been an active member of a worker co-operative for over … Continue reading

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Coming Soon-A Group Discussion (I hope)

The March 1 edition of The Nation has an article on the growing industrial worker cooperative movement. I use the word “industrial” to differentiate it from the worker cooperative movement in the United States that has flourished over the last … Continue reading

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#23 Co-operation Among Co-operatives

I usually make the snarky comment that the only time that I hear about this principle is when some slacker co-op wants a discount or donation. . . that is horribly unfair, of course. Also, we should discount each other—we … Continue reading

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Another View of the Undercover Boss

The really great people at Labor Notes also noticed this show. Definitely read their take on it. The Labor Notes essay reminded me of one of the real problems of the show (and the co-operative difference). The narrative follows a … Continue reading

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Undercover Boss–A lesson in the Co-operative Difference

After the Superbowl, CBS presented its new non-scripted show, Undercover Boss. The premise is timely. CEO’s of major corporations lose the suits and go to work on the front-line without revealing their true identity. Can these bosses work under the … Continue reading

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#22 Education, Training and Information

“It is said that co-operation is an economic movement that utilizes educational activities, but it can also be said that co-operation is an educational movement that utilizes economic activities.“–Don José María Arizmendiarreta A fun exercise, well maybe interesting more than … Continue reading

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#21-Autonomy and Independence

This is a good week for a discussion about the 4th Principle of Co-operatives. On my other blog, Breathing Lessons, I discuss the role of co-operatives in the race for Governor in Wisconsin. We, in the co-op movement, get pigeon-holed … Continue reading

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