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The Worker Coop User Principles and The Mondragon Experience

The US Department of Agriculture identifies the first three principles of the identity statement as the “user principles.’ In US parlance, this means that the users of a cooperative’s services benefit from the cooperative’s activities, the users of a cooperative … Continue reading

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Dear Readers:

I am sorry for missing my Monday Morning Post this week. I ran out of time. Fortunately, Fred Schepartz stepped into the void and provide three intriguing posts. I will start up again next Monday with the Identity series and follow that … Continue reading

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The Night I Was A Movie Star—Almost

Okay, I admit it. By the beginning of last summer, I was starting to suffer from delusions of grandeur regarding my role in Michael Moore’s new film. The image of me, sitting behind the wheel of my taxicab, would be … Continue reading

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The Worker’s Cooperative That Should’ve Been In Michael Moore’s Movie

A disclaimer: Last April, Michael Moore’s film crew spent a couple of days in Madison, Wisconsin, shooting footage and conducting interviews at two local cooperatives, Isthmus Engineering and Union Cab, where I work. I was the night driver who got … Continue reading

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Neo-Syndicalism: A Path Toward Reimagining Socialism

In Barbara Ehrenreich’s groundbreaking essay, “Reimagining Socialism,” which appeared recently in The Nation, she states that we on the Left need a plan, but we don’t have a plan. Well, I have a plan, albeit a small one. My plan … Continue reading

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#15: Member Economic Participation

The third of the so-called User Principles is the principle of Member Economic Participation. Think of this as the users of the co-operative financially support the co-operative. The identity statement states: 3rd Principle: Member Economic Participation Members contribute equitably to, … Continue reading

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#14 Democratic Member Control

After missing my Monday morning deadline due to a funeral, Mother Nature has given me the gift of a day away from the office (I really haven’t anyway to get to work) so I can at least catch up on … Continue reading

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Cooperation and Human Nature

The New York Times published an article on childhood behavioral studies, among related research, that reveals a more positive and nuanced view of our biological heritage than the Social Darwinist promoted. However the article leaves a lot to be desired … Continue reading

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