Greetings from Bernard

Thank you John for the invitation to join you in The Workers’ Paradise. It has been my intention to journey there since I was awakened to the possibility in the 60’s!

It seems appropriate for me to introduce myself. I am the retired Sales Manager of Inkworks Press (Berkeley,CA), where I was a member since 1991. I continue to be active in the cooperative movement by working with the JASecon group organizing the upcoming Grassroots Economy Festival. JASecon is composed of NoBAWC ( members and others active in non-profits and volunteer groups who wish to see the many projects that most folks consider social programs re-conceptualized as economic initiatives.

To learn more about what that’s all about please visit our website/wiki:

Our festival is scheduled for September 26th in Oakland, CA. I will follow this post with a longer one soon giving some background information.

Glad to participate in expanding the discussion of co-ops as a democratic alternative to the oppressive and ethically challenged economic system we currently endure. Thanks John!

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